Our Basic Money Rates

We offer a sliding scale so that you can offer an amount that works for you.

Children are free, because we really want you to bring children here to explore the simple cabin and the surrounding woods and fields.

Sliding scale:

$120-$150 for 2 people, plus $15 for each additional person

$750-$900 for a whole week

+ 5% tax

During most warm months advance bookings for weekends are only available as two-night stays. If you're looking at a single weekend night that's just around the corner, go ahead and call anyway, because if it's not yet rented we'll sure consider a single-night booking.

Payment Method and Cancellations

It’s old-fashioned, just like the house.

You can make a reservation as far in advance as you’d like, and then just pay with check or cash before you leave. In the kitchen on a shelf next to the cookstove you'll find a leather box where you can calculate with paper and pencil  and leave your payment.

We trust you.  

If you need to change your plans, please call at least 2 weeks ahead. If you have to cancel last-minute, we'll do our best to contact others who had asked for the same slot and offer it to them; if we can fill it, we won't expect you to pay.

Breakfast Option:

If you would like, on just one of the mornings we are happy to provide you with a homegrown and homemade organic breakfast.  You can stay in your jammies and eat when you're ready - the food is almost-ready to eat, so you get to finish it off in the sweet kitchen there in the cabin and enjoy breakfast on your own.

Tasting the food of this land is a delicious part of being here. It might be Norwegian buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup that we make here, apple or wild grape juice, applesauce, fresh eggs,  garden vegetables or wild edibles in season....whatever it is, it'll be made of fresh ingredients from our garden, orchard, sugarbush, root cellar, and neighborhood. (except for the organic fair trade shade grown coffee!)

Optional breakfast for one person: $15. Two people: $20. Three-four people: $30.

A Few Ways to Save a Little:

You can bring your own sheets and towels and we take $5 off for two people or $10 off for 3 or more people. (There's an ecological advantage to bringing your own, as we imagine you'll reuse them many times before washing again, whereas we of course wash in between each guest). If you're planning to do this, please let us know ahead of time.

You can also take away your own garbage and recycling and bring the compost out to the compost pile, and take $5 off your bill.

Check In and Check Out Time

We are flexible. If there aren't other guests arriving the night before or after you, you can come as early and leave as late as you like. If there is another guest's schedule to consider, we'll make a plan that works for all. 


If you are staying in the cabin, you can invite guests to set up tents for $25/night.

Other notes: 
In keeping with our philosophy of responsible stewardship of this land and home, we ask the following of our guests: 
  • please do not smoke inside the house. 
  • you may bring your dog (dog paradise out here). Please talk with us about it before you come. 
  • help us conserve water and electricity. 

Have you heard the term “WTT?” It stands for “Willing to Trade,” and we are. We are part of the growing barter economy, in which people decide amongst themselves what their offerings are worth in trade. When it comes to barter, there are many possibilities – you don’t know until you ask! Once you stop to think about it for a while, you have many worthwhile things to offer, whether they be services, goods, or anything else.

Bartering seems to generate joyous splashes of generosity. Barterers find that there is abundance, and plenty to share!

Working Around Our Place for Trade
Some people like having a bit of physical work to do, even when they’re relaxing. My dad is like that. If you would like to barter your labor for time in the log cabin, talk to us about it! If you live around here, you could come work at a different time from your get-away time. Or, you could work while you’re renting the cabin, to have fun and to lower your money-cost.

Some examples of things you might do around here, depending on your experience and desires and depending on the season:
Cutting and splitting firewood, mowing, gardening, cleaning, carpentry, trail clearing, invasive species removal (we have kept this highly invasive plant out of these woods so far, by diligence and care. It's fun to go into the woods to help preserve biodiversity. I'll go with you and show you how.)

Please tell us ahead of time if you are interested, so that we can see if there’s some work at the time you want to come. We can’t promise that there will always be something to do that matches your interests, but we’d like to try and we appreciate the help!