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Going on a walk in the snowy woods while my children napped, making a bonfire in the front yard, snuggling with my kids in bed, staying up late playing Scrabble by the cookstove, enjoying the bounty of delicious breakfast in the mornings, all this made for a perfectly sublime weekend away from... whatever we were away from.... We love the Cabin and will be returning soon!

—Tina, Chicago

Fern Hollow is a nest in the woods, an embracing delight that proves sustainable rural living is richer, fuller, tastier and warmer than urban entertainment. This bit of heaven in a hollow is the exact opposite of Disney Land. If you're concerned about how we might live on this earth when we've used up nature's bounty in unnatural industrial settings, just go to Fern Hollow...and be prepared to be fed at the core rather than the surface.

—Tess, Minneapolis

Our first visit to Fern Hollow was nothing short of life-changing. It’s a thoughtfully-kept cabin with an interesting history, in a beautiful area—beyond that, it comes with delicious, good food; access to hiking trails and friendly neighbors; and the chance to learn (and experience) more about environmental stewardship and green living. But above all, the Rog/Rotto family is an inspiration: meeting them has been a lesson in generosity, commitment, community, and creativity. Our stay at Fern Hollow was an utterly unique experience we could not have gotten anywhere else; we have already returned for a second visit, and plan to do so again and again.

—Maggie and Heal, Iowa City

I really loved the cottage and was very surprised how very comfy it was and how it had everything anyone ever needs. Loved the shower for example.  To be serenaded on Sat night by barred owls  doing their spring courting songs …wow that was fantastic and a first for me. The wild flowers of my childhood everywhere were so touching and to be in a place where the woods have not been inundated by buckthorn ….so that the wildflowers  may still flourish there in the play of light and shadow is precious.

-Kate, Milwaukee

If you are looking for that singular experience of an historic log cabin that was rebuilt by hand and spaciously expanded with faithful architectural integrity, a place set in the woods that is homey and comfortable, whose owners are descendants of the original builders and lovingly raised their own children there, who pay attention to every detail yet give you the space you need, you have found it at Fern Hollow. As someone who spent time there alone as well as with my family, it was a blessing in every way.

—Ben, Cedar Rapids, IA