We Love Kids, Kids Love it Here!

Kids love it here. Remember that time you went to an old museum cabin and wished you could stay all day and play?  It’s like that, only this time you CAN stay.  And not only do you get to read and play games and fall asleep and wake up in enchanted log house; on top of all that there’s the woods for running around, making forts, catching fireflies, picking flowers, and watching fairies. The Little Log House, just across the creek bed, is a favorite place for the young ones. It’s just far enough away that they feel brave to go there, but you can see them playing from the front yard of the (not-so) Big Log House. The tree fort, now sitting on stumps on the woods floor because the tree aged and died, is kinda’ modern art: it’s pentangular, with a sun roof! Three kids can sleep in there easily during camp-outs from the retreat! Liz is a children's musician in town and you might come at a time when the kids could come along to a Hootenanny (ages 6-9) or a JigAlong (ages 4-5). Or, ask for a family singalong at the cabin and you're almost sure to get one! 

Plus: swimming in Canoe Creek, campfires, watching the work around the place, and seasonal events like cider pressing, gardening, black walnut gathering, maple syrup boiling, and maypole dancing. Our girls grew up in the log cabin, and we’ve left some of their favorite books, games, and art supplies down there for other kids to discover.  There’s a small loom, marbles, wooden puzzles, homemade Lincoln logs, blocks, a flower press, and more.